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Frequently asked questions about IDS JMK electronic tickets

  • To purchase a non-transferable ticket, you need to create a registration here in the e-shop, fill in all verified personal data in the "My account" section and upload a photo here. Subsequently, you must register a carrier for your ticket in the "Buy prepaid ticket" section via the "Add carrier" button, and then select it with the "Select carrier" button after successful addition. Then you select the desired ticket and choose the beginning of its validity. After placing it in the cart, you can proceed to the payment and choose the payment method, i.e. either online payment using the GoPay payment gateway (allows online payment by payment card or pre-filled bank transfer through internet banking of selected banks), or if the validity of your product starts in 5 or more working days days, you can also choose an OFFLINE payment by bank transfer (they will generate and display the payment data to which you need to send your payment).

    After the initial purchase of your ticket, you then need to verify your personal data, either online or directly at one of the contact centers or verification points. The deadline for verifying personal data is 30 days after purchasing the ticket.

  • The website is a good source of information on the functioning of the electronic ticket system and information about IDS JMK You can also find the most frequently asked questions and answers at FAQ about IDS JMK